The Red Zone

In football, when a team is driving within the 20 yard line of their opponent, it is said they are in the RED ZONE. This means they are very close to achieving their goal … scoring a touchdown! 

However, when a team is playing in the ‘red zone,’ the game takes on a different tone. The opposing team plays with far greater intensity as they are defending a smaller piece of their territory that they do not want to lose. The offense also plays with greater intensity, as they know they are close to scoring. It’s interesting to note the plays called in the ‘red zone’ are often very different than plays called in the open field. The coaches design these plays specifically for this situation, and they are strategically orchestrated to surprise the defense. Although a quarterback may be calling his own plays in the open field, when he gets into the red zone, the plays come in from the coaching staff, typically the head coach. It also seems that the fans become more attentive when teams are playing in the ‘red zone’ ... there’s an excitement that electrifies the stadium. 

As I was watching a football game this Sunday, the Lord impressed on me that we have just entered the ‘red zone’ of human history, and the church is on the offensive. Satan knows very well that his time is running out quickly, but he’s concentrating his forces to protect whatever ground he possesses. The interesting part of this analogy the Lord showed me is that the church will need to execute different plays now … ‘red zone’ plays! We cannot rely what we did in the past … it’s a whole different game with more at stake. Our head coach, the Holy Spirit, has strategy for the church to catch the enemy off guard and drive him back! We cannot simply rely on methods that brought on past victories … we must rely entirely on the Holy Spirit. All we see is the opposition before us … but He sees the entire field and knows the enemy’s weakness. 

Also, as the crowd in a stadium looks on the field, the entire world is looking at the church to see what we are going to do next. Some are rooting for us, and some against us, but our focus must remain on the goal the Lord has given us… to overwhelm the enemy, score and go home victors! 

“For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world--our faith.” 1 John 5:4 

Encouragement: Don’t quit now … stay in the game. It may be the 4th quarter, you may be tired, achy and dirty … but if you stick it out, you WILL see the victory! 

Pastor Vincent Cannatello 
Word of Christ Fellowship