Michael Mader - Atlanta Braves

I have been very blessed to have been raised by not only my mom but by a community who instilled in me that God is always in control and that I only have to give it to him. Sports has always been a huge part of my life, having played football, soccer, baseball, and even a little basketball in my younger years. There’s a lot of pressure in sports to be better at any costs. I know I cannot control what happens on the field or with my baseball career.

I was Christened at the age of one but really found my belief in God at age ten when my mom and I were living in Marianna and things were not the best. I turned everything over to God and he saw us through our struggles. I was Baptized last December. Having the faith in God that I have because of my mom, my family and friends, and church group has played a big part in my life. I am 21 years old and finishing my second year in professional baseball, although last year was only 12 weeks with the draft coming in June. I’ve made mistakes and God willing I have learned from them but I am sure there will be other mistakes.

I have to turn it over to God to guide and direct me to be the best I can be, whether it is a career in baseball or another field altogether. God will always have my back, I know that and I just have to trust in Him to help me carry the load I bear.

Michael Mader