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In June 1999, the Baltimore Orioles chose Jon Kessick in the 3rd Round of the Major League Baseball draft. Jon, who played collegiately at Ball State University, is considered a top prospect in the Orioles organization. After a successful 2001 season in Class A ball, being selected to the South Atlantic League All-Star team, Jon made a huge step towards the next level of professional baseball. The club regarded his skills enough to place him on the AAA Rochester roster for protection from the Rule 5 Draft; where unprotected players can be picked up by other organizations. 

The Orioles drafted a promising young athlete with a tremendous amount of talent and big league potential. What they got was that and much more. They got a spiritual leader willing let Christ work through him to change lives. Jon’s leadership was evident in 1997 when he was instrumental in bringing Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) to Ball 
State and started a campus huddle. Leading teammates to Christ is just one way God has used Jon in baseball. He has been blessed with the talent of music ministry and the gift of speaking publicly. These gifts make for a great combination for ministering to believers and non-believers alike. Whenever his schedule permits, he will not miss the opportunity to engage the community to share his faith and testimony. Jon has been involved in many Christian sports related ministries; speaking at FCA camps and local huddles, working Unlimited Potential Incorporated (UPI) baseball camps, and most recently speaking at Athletes In Christ (AIC) events. Leading praise and worship brings much joy to the man they call Kes (pronounced Kez), as he lets the spirit of God minister and soften the hearts of those he will share the message of Jesus Christ. 

He is bold in his faith yet humble in his walk, “I don’t want anyone to ever need to ask someone else if Jon Kessick is a Christian”, said Jon. Pleasing God and bringing glory and honor to His name is more important than anything else life has to offer Jon. One of his favorite Bible verses which are hung prominently in his locker is I John 2:15-17. This scripture commands us not to love the world, but to realize the world and its desires pass away and that the man who does the will of God lives forever. 

The Orioles have a true leader in the clubhouse. Jon is serious about his faith and his work. His quick humor and funny nature make him a clubhouse favorite. Despite the success of being a professional athlete, Jon has maintained his Christian lifestyle and admits that baseball is a thing of this earth that will not last forever and it is his personal relationship with Jesus Christ that will endure all eternity. While minor leaguers thrive on being promoted to the next level, Jon has already advanced to the Major Leagues of life. His name is most definitely recorded in the “Book of Life”, not just the Baseball Almanac. He is ready to strap it on for Christ in everything that he does. His fulfillment in life is not about how successful he becomes by mans standards, but by whom he becomes as a child of God.