Jeff Driskel - Louisiana Tech University

I believe that I was always a good person and until I was saved, I never saw or recognized the difference between being a good person and a good Christian. After I broke my leg during my junior year of football I hit a low spot, and was challenged by a man that was close to me to look for the positives and made me realize it wasn’t all that bad. After this realization, I truly started to live for Jesus and things have never been better since.

The following season, I was expected to play great and everything was going to play out just the way I wanted to, or at least I thought. I ended up getting benched, but I saw my relationship with Jesus become closer than ever. While I was being criticized heavily by a lot of people who didn’t know me for my play, people around me noticed that I was calmer and handled the situation better than they could have imagined. It was because I knew I had the strength of Jesus behind me, and He doesn’t care about wins and losses. Sometimes as athletes we feel pressures that are put on us by the world, but we need to sit back and think that at the end of the day that is not how we should be defined.

This year, I have decided to transfer to Louisiana Tech University to play out my final year of eligibility. People have often asked how I ended up here. I tell them that I was getting interest from a number of schools across the country (some of which are power-house programs) but God has led me to Ruston, LA. Since I have been here, I have nothing but great things to say about the entire program, and I am playing and living with a feeling of freedom that only comes from having a secure relationship with Jesus. I urge people of all ages and places in life to seek a relationship with Jesus. He will free you from the worries of the world, and put a greater sense of purpose in your life.

Jeff Driskel