David Murphy - Texas Rangers

I grew up in a very loving family. We attended church every Sunday, but I never went further than that. I never thought about the Lord any other time but inside my church. Even as I got older, I attended random Bible studies and learned a little about the Lord, but I never searched to really know Him. I simply thought of myself as a good Christian because I went to church every Sunday and lived a moral life.

When I arrived at Baylor University to begin college, I was surrounded by Christian people and became more and more curious with my own faith. On the night of November 20, 2000, I finally heard the Father trying to get my attention. I just felt Him tugging inside of me and I felt a sudden emptiness because I realized He was the most important part of my life and I did not let him participate in it up to that point. That night, I gave my life to the Father, I began to listen to Him, and I realized that He desired to know me personally. I also realized how much He loves me, why He died for me, and I began my personal relationship with the Him at that moment.

On the baseball field, I have learned that God has given me incredible talents, but I have also realized that he gave me these talents and made me a baseball player to use me. He uses me and every one that lets Him to make his presence known throughout the world. He does not just want to love and be loved by a select few. He wants that to include every person on earth and I feel special that He uses me to influence others.

Basically, God has gifted me with an incredible life. From being a professional baseball player to being surrounded by special people in my life, I have all the reason to live for Him. One last important thing I have learned from Him is that no matter how much I enjoy baseball or any other thing in the world, my time on Earth is temporary. My goal on Earth is not to win a World Series or to be the best baseball player that ever lived. That simply is not up to me because I have to wait and see if it is part of the Lord s plan. My goal is to follow the Lord and what he wants me to do so that someday I may enter His kingdom and receive everlasting life.

David Murphy