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Barnes Family Keeps the Faith in Christ through Difficult Times

“When Trevor was diagnosed with scoliosis that required major surgery I was devastated. I knew this was a serious surgical procedure and situation that I could not reverse or fix as a parent. Being a person of faith, at that moment we placed our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ to heal our son and and allow him to live a normal life moving forward. Little did we know that he had much bigger plans for Trevor beyond quality of life. Jesus Christ has blessed our son and has healed him in such a way that he could return to playing competitive baseball. I believe with all my heart that Jesus Christ is using Trevor as an example for so many others that if you believe in him all things can happen. Our message is that If you don’t believe in the miracle of faith, just look at what is happening to Trevor Barnes and know that Jesus Christ blesses those who believe in him and lives life in Christ.” Jeff Barnes, Trevor's father.

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